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Code of Conduct

Vencorex Group is a global company operating in a complex universe. In this context, it must grow its business with excellence and conduct its affairs with responsibility, fairness, integrity, transparency and honesty. Our Code of Conduct is an expression of these values.

Code of Conduct

Vencorex Supplier Code of Conduct

This Supplier code of conduct express Vencorex expectations on common commitments on conducting and growing our business with excellence, responsibility, fairness, integrity, transparency and honesty with our suppliers and partners.

Suppliers' Code of Conduct



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Vencorex Anti-Corruption Code

Vencorex set up an Anti-Corruption Code corresponding to international standards and strict legal obligations. Vencorex Group is committed to a zero-tolerance policy towards any behavior contrary to its Code of Conduct and the good governance principles.

Anti-Corruption Code


Vencorex Group is committed to regulatory compliance and ethical standards in the conduct of business, and believes in the benefits of a system that allows employees or persons collaborating with Vencorex in a professional capacity to raise issues that may be of serious consequence for Vencorex business or seriously entail its liability and/or reputation. Therefore, Vencorex Group has committed to an open, transparent and confidential whistleblower system, enhancing importance given by Vencorex Group to compliance with its Code of Conduct and the applicable laws, rules and regulations.