Corporate Governance


Vencorex is a global company operating in a complex, multicultural and challenging universe

Our Code of Conduct defines a global framework of principles the members of Vencorex Group are resolved to comply with in all Vencorex business operations worldwide. It is the formal expression of Vencorex belief that an ethical, moral and honest conduct is a prerequisite to highest business integrity. These principles are not intended to be all-inclusive, but they do provide the necessary guidance on our established way of doing business. Vencorex Group develops and continually updates its compliance programs and policies to adapt to global evolutions, particularly in terms of sustainable development.

  •  Vencorex also developed a Suppliers' Code of Conduct that express Vencorex expectations on common commitments on conducting and growing business with excellence, responsibility, fairness, integrity, transparency and honesty with suppliers and partners.

Vencorex Anti-Corruption Code

Vencorex set up a clear and comprehensive Anti-Corruption Code corresponding to international standards and legal obligations. Vencorex Group is committed to a zero-tolerance policy towards any behavior contrary to its internal policies, procedures and the good governance principles.

Whistleblower Procedure

While Vencorex Group is committed to highest ethical standards in the conduct of business, it believes in the benefits of a system that allows anyone to raise issues contravening with its Code of Conduct and Corporate Governance or applicable laws and regulations in general. Therefore, Vencorex Group has committed to an open, transparent and confidential whistleblower system complying with the applicable regulations, in particular in terms of confidentiality.