Easaqua™ X M 505 is a NEW Hydrophilic polyisocyanate for 2K PU waterborne Coatings & Adhesives. Available for EMEA* and APAC only.
*Low Monomer grade (Easaqua™ X M 505 LM)  available for Europe.

The new Tolonate™ X F 450 has been specifically designed by Vencorex to provide elasticity to your coatings while maintaining high hardness.

It is especially suitable for fast drying formulations like aliphatic polyureas and polyaspartics, where it will overcome their brittleness and provide extended pot-life.

Tolonate™ X F 450 is a very versatile polyisocyanate that can be used alone or in combination with other hardeners, to effectively fine-tune the curing time of the formulation.

Salt is a key component mainly used for water treatment, deicing and in the chemical industry.

Vencorex offers an ultrapur high quality vaccum salt. salt-product-data-sheet.pdf

Tolonate™ X F 800 is a solvent free and low viscosity aliphatic polyisocyanate based on HDI. Tolonate™ X F 800  gives the perfect balance between hardness and flexibility. It provides excellent impact resistance, high scratch resistance and superior adhesion.

Easaqua™ M 501 is a water dispersible aliphatic polyisocyanate, designed to be used as a solvent-free easy mixing hardener of two-pack (2K) waterborne high performance polyurethane coatings. Only available for Americas.

Easaqua™ M 502 is a versatile self-emulsifiable aliphatic polyisocyanate, used to prepare crosslinker of high performance two-pack (2K) waterborne polyurethane coatings. As it is solvent-free, it allows a large choice of organic solvents to optimize the parameters of the formulation.

Easaqua™ L 600 is a self emulsifiable hardener, for high performances 2K waterborne Polyurethane coatings with good adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Easaqua™ X D 401 is a self-emulsifiable aliphatic polyisocyanate, used as a fast drying hardener of two-pack (2K) waterborne high performance polyurethane coatings.

Easaqua™ X D 803 is a self emulsifiable, ready-to-use and fast drying hardener, for high performances 2K waterborne PU formulations.

Easaqua™ X D 870 is a unique combination of Easaqua technology and HDI/IPDI derivatives offered in an eco-friendly solvent – PGDA, suitable to comply with European VOC emissions regulations.