Vencorex is participating in European Coating Show 2023


Vencorex will present its environmentally friendly solutions for Polyurethane, Polyurea and Polyaspartic formulations on booth 461 in Hall 3.

“European Coating Show is one of the most important events for the Coatings industry and Vencorex is very pleased to be part of it this year, especially after the cancelation of the last edition” says Xavier Fournier, Vencorex CEO.

“In an era of emerging issues on environmental and climate changes, innovation in chemical industries plays an important role to provide sustainable solutions. Since last ECS, Vencorex has been focusing its efforts on developing new environmentally friendly products for Polyurethane formulations and for Polyurea & Polyaspartic coatings. Discover more and meet our experts by visiting our booth” adds Christian Leger, Vencorex VP Sales, Marketing and Innovation.

As a world leader of aliphatic isocyanates, Vencorex will present during the show:

  • Easaqua™ crosslinkers are specifically designed for 2K waterborne polyurethanes as they are easy to mix in water. Vencorex’ offer covers the needs from matt to high gloss primers and finishes and includes fast drying solutions.
  • Tolonate™ are reference polyisocyanate hardeners of high-performance polyurethane coatings & adhesives and provide exceptional durability and extended service life. The range includes low viscosity grades, essential in the development of solvent free and high solids formulations, which have low or even zero VOC content. It also includes some flexible and elastic solutions for Polyurea & Polyaspartic coatings.
  • HDI and IPDI isocyanate monomers, indispensable building blocks for light stable polyurethane dispersions (PUD), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and UV-curable resins.

To find out more visit us at our booth N° 461 in Hall 3!