Vencorex is participating in Worlée-Chemie Gmb Web seminar


Innovation and value creation are our engines to satisfy our customer’s needs. With the expansion of our own product range by the high-performance isocyanates for 2K PU systems from #Vencorex, we offer you a diverse range of services and real benefits.

Let us have a closer look at two outstanding products:

Easaqua™ X D 870 is a ready-to-use hardener for 2K waterborne PU formulations especially designed for fast drying, aqueous flooring coatings showing low emissions, low odour and high gloss. It is a preferred hardener grade to formulate systems that comply with the German AgBB VOC emissions regulation.

Tolonate™ X F 800 is a low-viscosity, solvent-free, hydrophobic hardener, which gives the perfect balance between hardness and flexibility and provides excellent impact resistance, high scratch resistance and superior adhesion in 2K PU systems. Despite its hydrophobic nature, Tolonate™ X F 800 shows good compatibility in waterborne systems and can be used to improve the moisture resistance of the final coating.

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