Vencorex @ Western Coating Show 21 (17-20 October), Las Vegas, USA


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Vencorex @ Western Coating Show 21 (17-20 October), Las Vegas, USA
Marc Cornick will present on Tuesday 19th Of October at 10:15 am (Meeting Room Champagne 2) :

“Novel Polyisocyanates For Flexibilizing Polyurea Coatings”

Polyisocyanates are widely used as building blocks together with polyols to form polyurethanes. These materials find use in a variety of applications due to their excellent durability, and mechanical properties. However, a large number of polyurethane formulations are solvent-borne and decreasing the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) can be challenging. Solvent-free technologies are one solution. Among these, polyurea formulations (reaction of polyisocyanates with polyamines instead of polyols) are of high interest, especially polyaspartic ester formulations.

The reaction of polyamines with polyisocyanates is much faster compared to polyols. This generally improves the drying and curing time but can unfavorably impact other parameters such as the pot life of the formulation. One additional issue with polyurea formulations can be a high level of brittleness.

Fortunately, the properties of such formulations can be fine-tuned by adjusting the starting materials. Different polyaspartic ester resins can be used having different reactivities and levels of rigidity, however it possible to further optimize these formulations by also adjusting the type of polyisocyanate used.

This presentation will look at the benefits that can be achieved through the use of novel polyisocyanate technologies, particularly with regard to improving the flexibility and pot life of the final coating.

Location: Champagne 2

Speaker: Marc Cornick MSc. MBA – Market Development Manager
Company/Organization: Vencorex