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New European legislation on aromatic and aliphatic diisocyanate-containing products, entered into force on August 24, 2020. This regulation applicable in the European union aims at protecting the European workers, who are exposed to diisocyanates.

Watch this video with Mr Christian Léger, Vencorex Vice-President Sales & Marketing to learn more about it.

The target of this training is to ensure a safe use and handling of diisocyanates. So even though some products are exempted from the training obligation, it is recommended to follow the training in all cases.

Training content has been created by ALIPA/ISOPA and some Downstream user associations in a joint industry effort.

For more information, please visit the digital platform Safe use of Diisocyanates - Homepage, where various training options are available in different EU languages and where you can find useful guidelines such as :

The restriction is NOT A BAN : isocyanates continue to be available on the European the market. But industrial and professional users exposed to diisocyanates containing more than 0,1% isocyanate monomer in Europe have to successfully completed a minimum standardized mandatory training on safe use of diisocyanates.

The new legislation applied after 2 transition periods:

  • Since 24 February 2022:  suppliers have to provide the information on the packaging: “As from 24 August 2023 adequate training is required before industrial or professional use”
  • Since 24 August 2023: an employer or self-employed person has to ensure that industrial or professional user(s) and supervisors of these tasks, have successfully completed training on the safe use of diisocyanates prior to the use of the substance(s) or mixture(s) containing a concentration of diisocyanates > 0.1% by weight


USA Product Stewardship

Vencorex US, Inc. provides quality products that are produced in a safe, environmentally protective and cost effective manner to meet or exceed the requirements of our global customers.

Vencorex US Inc. is an active member within the ADI panel at Americal Chemistry Council (ACC).


The Vencorex manufacturing facility in Rayong, Thailand is a state of the art plant, which produces a wide range of Vencorex products, with the same high standards and certifications as Vencorex’ other sites.  Vencorex customers in the Asia region are mostly supplied with products from Rayong.

Product stewardship schemes in Asia Pacific are complex, as every country has its own regulatory framework for the management of hazardous chemicals, and these are continuously evolving.

The Vencorex Product Stewardship team monitors this situation closely and takes suitable actions in order to comply with all the different requirements.

For any specific questions related to regulatory affairs, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Product Stewardship

Vencorex commits to ensure the compliance of its products with applicable regulations in the countries where they are placed on the market, all around the world.

100% of substances manufactured in Europe are registered according to EU REACH requirements.

Development of environmentally-friendly products:
•Easaqua™ product range designed for waterborne polyurethane formulations
•Tolonate™ LV series: 100% solids low viscosity products particularly well adapted to low VOC formulations
•Tolonate™ X FLO 100 : partially bio based, solvent free with extremely low viscosity aliphatic isocyanate polymer